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YouTube is the Best Social Media Marketing Platform

YouTube Promotions : SMM Boosters

YouTube Promotions

YouTube Promotions: Effective Social Media Marketing

We know, YouTube is the Best Social Media Marketing Platform. But why- SMM Boosters explore the valuable features of YouTube Promotions which are given below-

At present, there are some popular video sharing sites as YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Vine etc. YouTube is one of the most popular and famous site. It is a Google product and now, headquarter is in San Bruno, California, United States. The originators of YouTube saw a little issue, there was a blast in the quantity of costly and cheap approaches to capture video yet there wasn’t a decent approach to share videos. Finally they could launch a video sharing site in 2005 that is YouTube. The founders were Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim who were PayPal employees. In 2006, Google bought it for $1.65 billion. Today, YouTube is the largest online video destination and most visited Website overall.

The information from global search about YouTube promotions:

  1. YouTube has 1.3 billion unique users and everyday people watch hundreds of millions of hours to generate 1 Billion views.
  2. More than 50% youtube views come from mobile device. However, more than 60% users are male and rests of users are female.
  3. It has a local version in more than 88 counties and more than 80% views come from outside of The USA.
  4. There are more facilities to use language and so, 76 different languages are available.
  5. Almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube on a day. Also, total number of hours of video watched 3.25 billion.

Various Features of YouTube:

  1. Views: Registered and unregistered both users are able to watch any Video and YouTube can count views from any kind of users. If a registered user watches any video, he can get it in history of his channel. At least 30 seconds have to be watched to count a views.

  2. Like, Dislike, Subscriber: If someone wants to put like a video while watching, he must sign in his YouTube account. Normally a YouTube account is known as a channel. If someone has Google mail, he/she can continue to sign in. And then he can like, dislike, subscribe. Though many of us know well about these features, we have to explain more clearly to all.

Youtube Dislike: If a video seems not to be exceptional, individually one can put dislike. It doesn’t affect much on a video for ranking if the dislikes number is little. But, when the dislike amount is bigger than Likes amount, a video might be damage. So, be careful to use the credit.

Youtube Subscriber: It is one of the most vital feature for both Youtubers and users. If a channel provides/ publishes some good Quality videos regularly, his channel might get some subscribers. A user can get the videos from subscribed channel in his HOME page. YouTube Promotions has also a nice system to notify the channel users while a video gets published. It can’t be thought how much important is to increase subscriber for the Youtubers. SMM Booster discovers some new method to get subscribers. Anyone can test the service that they provide. To broadcast a video among the users and attract new users, a YouTube marketer should know or get some tips about ranking factors.

  1. Youtube Comments: It also plays important role with Views, Likes, and Subscribers. It is the user’s opinion section. One video is good or bad, a registered user can post a comment to impress/protest. The channel owner must reply to a specific comment. Then he can make a great audience. Usually, we see a large audience who ask anything and answer anyone in a famous video. It then looks like a forum where people love to make conversation or put his word to exchange feeling with others. It is shown a good commenter also get a lot of replies and likes.

  2. Youtube Playlist: A user can collect same types of videos and add into a playlist section. So, he can watch them as he wishes from his channel playlists. When a user wants to add any video into a playlist, YouTube shows current Playlist name. If he wants to create new one, it requires a new Name. It should be a keyword based Name, and then other users also will be find the playlist while searching. For such facilities, users don’t need to download the videos. It only needs to download when a user need it offline to keep computer so that he may watch anytime.

  3. Youtube Shares: Anyone can share his favorite videos to any social media profiles as Facebook, twitter, google plus, reddit etc. By sharing the videos, other users can watch the videos. The video owner can also share his video to his Social media profiles so that his friends / followers get informed about it. There is no alternative of sharing system to get new visitors/engagements.

Importance of YouTube as Social Media platform:

As people are being more interested to watch videos than reading content, the Importance of YouTube as Social Media platform is increasing day by day. At the modern age, young learners prefer eBook to a general printed book. If we compare with a eBook and videos, then people will prefer videos. So, it is clear that video has a great future. Now days, every artist is getting engaged in any video platform. No doubt, video sharing site can make famous an artist in shortest time. So, YouTube as video sharing site can easily which is not possible from other social media sites. Let’s see more difference between YouTube and other social media.

YouTube Promotions VS Other Social Media:

  1. Other social media can only provide image or content. So, a user must read to get informed about the content. Users also have to use their eyes to read or see.

  2. But, YouTube can provide both audio and video. A user can watch or listen as he wishes. So, it is easier than reading content and people well understand watching videos. For example, students love to watch video to learn any topic. They don’t want to visit any blog site to find out anything if they get videos.

  3. Save to use: As YouTube has a report section, anyone can report against abuse or copyright. So, everything is save here. Nobody can copy/edit and reuse anything of the other person. On the other hand, there is no copyright system in other social media sites. A user cannot take proper step against copyright by the site support.

Adsense Via YouTube:

Any creative person can build up his/her career easily through YouTube adsense. Everything in professional life as Song, dance, cartoon, comedy, story, learning lesson etc can be published. After monetization that videos can pay something to the Adsense account by showing every ads. For getting approved Adsense, you need to watch the videos about how to apply for adsense, how to get approved Adsense, monetization etc.  So, start your earning money online without any invest as a blog- website etc. Get free YouTube account and upload your favorite videos. Also, be regular to publish your videos to draw the attention of your fans.

Why SMM Boosters as the Best YouTube Promotions Service provider:

All kinds of YouTube promotions services as Likes, views, comments, subscribers etc SMM Booster can provide within a shortest time. Here, your money is safe. Our company always refunds money to buyers if we become failure to provide the services. We generally stopped advertising which services are not possible to supply at that time. You can also send email or knock with Skype about any service. We hope our services will satisfy you. Here, we launched a lot of cheapest and Quality Youtube services.

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