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Why Google Plus Business Page Verification Badge needed?
Generally, Google is the first point of contact between a customer and business. So, Google plus play a vital role for business & it can often be the crucial tiebreaker between equidistant businesses. Google Plus Business page verified needed because this is a vital element of any local businesses online marketing campaign. Besides this, these page have a big impact on not only traffic to a website, but also visitors to the actual physical location of the businesses. A verified business page can increase the success, for both your online and offline operation. Making sure that your Google Page is complete, and performing is critical.

What is Verification Badge?
Verification badge have been confirmed to be authentic or official. Verified badge or Blue tick or Gray tick is a badge used by social media websites to verify public figures accounts or local business. This makes it easy for people to find their real accounts or local business reliability.

Get a Google+ verification badge
In August 2011, Google+ announced that they will be introducing verification badges on public figures profiles. There are three types of Badge on Google such as pages, profiles, and communities.
Profiles: Allow people to easily find you on Google+ and add you to a circle directly from your website.
Pages: Includes the profile badge features and adds some additional functionality.
Communities: Help people find your community and engage with other users on a topic they find interesting.
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Importance of Google Verification Badge
It is no secret that Google is the most important platforms of the online business world. More than 95% internet user use Google to discover things that matter. With mobile searches recently topping 50% for the first time ever over 45% of Google searches containing a localisation search aspect, having your page ranking for your local business is a crucial marketing tool. Almost all of Business Company used Google as a marketing platform for their products and spread the brand name. Advertising in this site can help you tremendously increase your customer and profitability of your business. It helps to bring up your long term SEO as well, because your page can contain lots of information about your business and links to your blog posts.

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